phpaga 0.4 has been released.

While some new features have been introduced, the main focus has been on code cleanup and on replacing a few 3rd party dependencies either by phpaga's own code, or by libraries with a "distribution-friendlier" license. Some of the changed requirements and new features are:

  • PHP 5.2 or greater is required
  • UTF-8 is used from the user interface to the database (existing databases need to be converted)
  • JpGraph has been replaced by  ez Components'  Graph; charts are displayed as SVG
  • No dependency on any PEAR package
  • phpaga's own db abstraction class is based on PDO and uses prepared statements for all parameters
  • Code and templates cleanup
  • Simple recurring invoices
  • Filed expenses can be added to an invoice

A more detailed change log is avaliable.